PTR is thoroughly equipped to handle your component projects with 22 molding machines ranging from 50 to 550 tons.

We are adept at complex molding processes and can support other secondary service requirements for your product. Our injection molding capabilities are taken to the next level with use of robotics, in-mold decoration, and insert-molding.

Behind the scenes, we offer support services and program management to give you predictable performance, accurate timing and reliable delivery. We manage the process, we manage the program and we push the envelope to ensure that your job is complete and on-spec in every way.

Your part size and shape options are vast. We can run molds up to 42” x 42” (166.8mm x 166.8mm) with shot sizes ranging from .71 oz to 54.3 oz. To learn more about injection molding, get started and request a quote.