GF 30 Overmolded Plastic Injected Connector for the Automotive Industry

PTR Tool manufactures this Plastic Injected Overmolded GF 30 male terminal connector for a Tier 2 supplier to the Automotive Industry. This complex part is overmolded using two separate boats to hold the inserts. The inserts are comprised of stainless steel pins, one boat of 32 pins, the other smaller one with 24.  The pins must adhere to a rigorous inspection process as the quality is critical to the part and must have a 100% defect free output. After visual inspection, each part is tested on a Continuity Tester for current integrity.

To complete our clients order, we package 10” x 10” x 10” cartons with dividers and chipboard. 128 pieces per box shipped for a completed order of 150,000 connectors per year with a standard production time of 5-6 weeks and delivery within 8-10 weeks.

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GF 30 Overmolded Plastic Injected Connector
Properties and Highlights


Product Name GF 30 Male Terminal Connector
Product Description TAXI CONN MIC/P 100W HEADER
Industry of Use Automotive Industry
Capabilities / Processes Overmolded
Number of Cavities in Mold 2
Equipment Used for Manufacture Van Dorn 110 Ton
Shot Size 11.4 oz.
Material Used for Manufacture Steel pins, Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Overall Dimensions Length: 3.5″ Width: 4″
Tightest Tolerances ±.15″
Visual Inspection Performed 100% defect free of:
  • Missing or distorted pins
  • Plastic Pins
  • Incorrect Height
  • Metals Shavings on floor of part/in-between pins
  • Non-fill
  • Burn
  • Broken Steel
  • Excessive Flash
  • Contamination
  • Flash, No-Fill, 
  • Excessive Graininess, 
  • Broken Cores, 
  • Gate Vestige, 
  • Contamination, 
  • Damage, 
  • And All Sealing Surfaces Must Be Free of Any Defect
Part Testing 100% pass Continuity Tester
Volume 150,000/yr
Shipping 128 pieces per carton
Standards Met ANSI-ASQ Z1.4 AQL .040 Single Sampling Plan General Level II