14 Pin Plastic Injected Molded PSDM – RU Electronic Housing For The Automotive Industry

Weld ready 2.0 Receptacle Connector 4 Position Through Hole, Right Angle

This insert molded plastic injected Power Display Housing Unit was manufactured for a Tier 1 Automotive supplier. It was designed to function for signal distribution and has been manufactured in compliance with ANSI-ASQ Z1.4 sampling plan standards for quality control. This complex injected molded part has 2 receptacle connection points with multiple through-hole, right angle, inserts molded into the product. The housing must go through rigorous testing to ensure 100% defect free output enabling a weld ready surface for the final assembly.

To complete our clients order, we package 24” x 15” x 8” cartons with bagged product, carefully packaged in foam and bubble wrap to ensure 100% damage free shipping and handling. 120 pieces per box shipped for a completed order of 175,000 connectors per year with a standard production time of 5-6 weeks and delivery within 8-10 weeks.

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14 Pin Plastic Injected Molded Power Display Housing Unit

Properties and Highlights

Product Name Power Supply Display Module (PSDM) Housing Rack Unit
Product Description Plastic Injected Housing Connector with 14 through-hole,
Tin over Copper, Terminal Insert Pins
Industry of Use Automotive Industry
Capabilities / Processes
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Custom Housing Bender
Number of Cavities in Mold 2
Type of Inserts 14 Right Angle Steel Connector Pins (Stamped)
Equipment Used for Manufacture Toshiba EC180 Ton
Shot size 9.5 oz
Resins Used for Manufacture
  • Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT GF30)
  • Ultradur® B 4300 G6 LS BK1
Overall Dimensions
  • Length: 171.7mm
  • Width: 49.65mm
  • Height: 35mm
Tighest Tolerances ± .04
In Process Inspection Performed
100% Defect Free of:
  • Flash
  • Excessive Graininess
  • Broken Cores
  • Gate Vistage
  • Contamination
  • All Sealing Surfaces Free of Defects
  • No Fill
Prepackaged Secondary Inspection to Assure 100% Defect Free Delivery
Quality Assurance
  • Stereoscope 10x
  • Minimum of 10 random pcs per bin dump
  • CMM
  • Gage Pin
  • Calipers
Standards Met
  • ANSI-ASQ Z1.4 AQL .040 Single Sampling Plan
  • General Level II (AUDIT 10 PCD/CTN)
Volume 175,000/yr
Shipping 120 pieces per carton